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Denim Factory

Academics and Extracurricular go hand in hand at World Academy. Visits to various sights and factories always have a positive impact on the students. What students see and observe is always imprinted in their memory…

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Preps Concert

What a breath taking event! An array of colours, oodles of talent and the performance itself was just awesome….. The littlest performance of World Academy has certainly raised their own bar. Confidence and prompt timing have reflected clearly their response to directions and instructions. The parents were an enthusiastic audience boosting further the confidence of the little ones. A show that was beyond words embedded like a beautiful memory…

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Senior Elocution

At the World Academy we put especial emphasis on public speaking. This skill develops young individuals into confident, bold personalities…

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KGII Graduation Ceremony

Prep- KGI- KGII 23rd May Report Day

I-II 24th May Report Day

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